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For the mufflers and exhaust system, we offer replacement and upgrades on the following components:

• Mufflers
• Catalytic Converters
• Cat-back Exhaust Systems
• Exhaust Flex Pipes
• Exhaust Hangers
• Exhaust Manifold
• Custom Welding & Fabrication
• Complete Exhaust System
• Refurbish & Upgrades
• Resonators
• Y-Pipes
• X-pipes
• Mid Pipes
• Oxygen Sensors

Exhaust & muffler price list

Flex Pipe$150 & Up
Catalytic Converter$250 & Up (OEM Available Upon Request)
Custom Exhaust FabricationContact us for a quote
Resonator Delete$150 & Up
Muffler Replacement$150 & Up
Exhaust Install (Catback)$150 & Up
Exhaust Tip Install$50 & Up
Exhaust Repair including Hangers$30 & Up
Custom Y-Pipe, X-Pipe, H-Pipe & Midpipe$400 - $500

How much to Replace a Exhaust Flex Pipe for yours ?

VehicleDealership PriceAt L&GSavings
Audi A4$1850 (each)$200 (each)$1,650.00
Mini Cooper$1.719.73$225$1,494.73
Nissan Altima$461.29$125$336.29
Toyota Sienna$478.63$150$328.63
Lexus IS 250 Y Pipe$1,750.00$300 Custom Y Pipe$1,450

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L&G Auto supply and fit top quality exhaust components for all makes and models. We keep the fast moving exhaust parts in stock ready for immediate fitment, for more unusual vehicles we are able to obtain the parts needed usually within the hour. Even if you have a classic car, or an uncommon import, as true Exhaust Specialists, we aim to finish the job within 2-3 hours.

Aside from exhaust repairs and upgrades, we're also known to assist our customers with meeting Ontario's emssion standards for license renewals or ownership transfers. As exhaust specialists, we have encountered many cases of emission failures and have proven capable of diagnosing and repairing vehicles to pass emissions tests time and time again at a cost far below that of our competitors. Come by with your emission results and receive an estimate for repairs. We can also schedule and perform the re-test on your behalf at an accredited test facility around the corner so the vehicle will be all ready by the time you return to pick it up.

Review from Customer (The owner of Mercedes Benz S500):

"Here is my story... hope you find it useful.

My cats started making noise and given that my Benz is just over 8 years, by 3 months!, and only 120,000 kms, the warranty was not an option for me. I took my car to my local trustworthy mechanic (contact details below) who inspected the 4 cats (2 on each side) and noticed that the 2 coming down (front end) are okay, and only the mid-ones (horizontal) needed changing since they rattled from mild banging with his fist (careful no to damage your cats if still under warranty, since any physical external damage will void the warranty).

Local Benz dealer quoted over CDN$3000 for both sides, complete replacement. Online, I found that I could get the full pipes and 4 cats for $1000 each side, for a DIY. My mechanic suggested universal cats (magnaflow part 53004 M, 2", Metallic Catalytic), for $250 each side, Parts & Labour included, plus taxes. The 53004 M has engine limit of 4.2L, which is enough considering that the S500 has 2.5L on each side (half of the V8, 5L engine).

I believe that the original pipes in the W220 is actually 2.25", just that my mechanic used sleeves that welded to the 2" cat and then used D-clamps to the 2.25" pipe.

My mechanic cut out the old cats, and attached two new cats with sleeves and D-clamps (NOTE: no welding on the original pipes), and everything works perfectly. Only negative is the "look" of the new cats with welded sleeves and D-clamps, which is not an issue for me. In addition, the new cats are not flat on the underside, and you lose about 1" clearance in the center - which should not be an issue if you drive your car on civilized roads. In fact, the back wheel axel/arms and the back end pipes to the mufflers are also lower than the rest of the underside."

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